COG eRetail - ERP System was designed from the ground up to be
an easy to use, comprehensive, feature rich, cloud based application that can address
the business needs of small and medium enterprises for Financial, Warehousing
and Distribution Management operations.

Integrated enterprise-wide solution

You may have begun running your business using basic accounting software, but as your business grows you will find your software system not being able to keep up with the changing demands and diversity of business operations. What you need is a software solution that goes beyond just accounting and book-keeping but automates the entire business process from production to sales to customer management.

COG ERP has a host of integrated modules that bring together functions of Customer Relationship Management, Accounts, Inventory, Production, HR & Payroll. It helps you exploit the power of IT and the Web to streamline and automate your business process, maintain control over its day-to-day functions, improve productivity and increase your competitive edge.


  • Be in touch with your office from anywhere, anytime and gain real-time insight into business performance.
  • Highly secure data - store your documents in a secure database, plus backup and privacy controls..
  • Manage multiple lines of business or multi-site locations.
  • Fully-scalable - grows with your business. Customization options available.
  • Multi Users & Role based access control with provision for activity audit.
  • Templates for Sales Quotations, Purchase Orders & Order Forms.
  • Alerts of document approval, document expiry, PDC, Stock level, Credit limit etc.
  • User defined Document Numbering System.
  • Barcode enabled for all inventory related transaction.
  • Multi-Currency support.

COG ERP - Integrated Modules

COG eRetail provides seamlessly integrated functions
allowing you ease of operations and bringing together various aspects
of your organization

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate/synchronize sales, marketing, Cash Book, General Ledger, Credit Limits etc. with ease.

Document Management

Simplify the process of creating new documents or making changes to existing ones. COG eRetail allows users to initiate these requests and take the document through various stages as per rules and workflows defined at the organizational level. Email notifications and reminders keep the process on schedule.

Workflow Management

Increase your team productivity, boost collaboration, optimize your processes and eliminate process bottlenecks. COG eRetail - ERP System seamlessly connects tasks, documents, data and people into a single collaborative work environment and empowers them with an easily configurable workflow tool.

Finance & Accounting

Raise the visibility of financial metrics and the effectiveness of financial management throughout your organization, all using familiar tools and existing skills. Perform day-to-day accounting function like Credit & Debit Notes, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Book, Day Book, General Ledger, Credit Limits etc. with ease.

Inventory Management

COG eRetail's cost-effective & multi location inventory management solution can help you improve inventory management processes. COG eRetail - Inventory is an extended inventory module for all kinds of industries like General trading, Retailers, Integrators, Wholesalers, Manufactures or Distributors.


COG eRetail has the complete purchase transactions starting from Requisition, leading enquiry to multiple vendors, recording of Quotations received, Quotation Comparison, Purchase Order, LPO approvals, Goods Receipts and automatic updation of General and Vendor ledgers.


Manufacturing in COG eRetail is fully integrated with inventory. Ideal for discrete and continuous manufacturing processes. It updates the Work-In-Progress status on a real time basis across all production lines, all the way up to the Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet automatically. Integrate Batch/Production Lot Number, Manufacturing Date and Expiry Date.

Human Resources Management

COG eRetail HRM module is a complete suite of Human Resource Management system. It takes care of entire human resource cycle of your organization, right from recruitment to retirement. It handles Employee Management, Attendance & Payroll, Leaves, Performance Evaluation, and Loans /Advances Management.


COG eRetail - Enterprise Resources Planning System provides you an in-depth sales cycle from Enquiry, Quotations, Sales order, Delivery Note, Stock and Service Invoice gives you complete control over the sales operations. Real time updation of respective General Ledgers and Customer Ledgers and unmatched power to generate reports instantaneously anytime.

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