About Us

COG Studios is dedicated to designing and developing imaginative solutions
that help small and medium business take that technological forward-leap
by taking their services and operations online.

Business Applications, Accounting Software, Websites and more

Founded in 2004, COG Studios was created with the emphasis of helping small and medium business to take that technological forward-leap by taking their services online at very affordable rates. We like to see ourselves as creative people that make things happen. Headquartered in Cochin, India, we have a network of clients and users that span many countries.

We have always been enthralled by technology and what it can do. We believe in the possibilities of the internet and its capacity to bring about change. Here at COG Studios, we understand that having a great website or a unique e-commerce solution is just not enough. To exploit the power of web, a seamless integration of every aspect of your business - from operation to sales to customer relationship, is required. That is why we always focus on what works the best and providing a solution that works best for you. Our aim is to make COG an essential part of your transition online.

From building business management applications and accounting softwares to complete web design and development, COG Studios helps business organizations to exploit the power of web and take their business online. We can help your business by-

  • Providing business-specific operations and accounting softwares
  • Helping your organization take its operations online
  • Providing website development services, including design, coding, CMS, webmail, domain registration and hosting
  • Graphic design services for web and print medium

With over a decade of experience in providing software and web solutions, COG Studios is uniquely positioned to provide you with the knowledge, the technical know-how and the tools required for taking your business online and making it work. We do not provide off-the-shelf solutions for every client; rather, we listen to our clients, sit with them and work with them to understand their needs and their requirements before offering them a solution that is tailor made for them.